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No Stock Outs
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Your Advantages

  • Increasing Profitability
  • Decreasing Operational Costs
  • Increasing Revenues

Predictwiser easily integrates with:

SAP     Microsoft Dynamics     Shopify     & many more

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  • Export your sales data
  • Deploy Predictwiser
  • Performance evaluation
  • Free Use for 1 month


It depends on the data, but usually we can work with data that has been collected over a period of at least one year

Or tool can be integrated immediately, for a quick start we only need the sales data. If individual wishes such as extra KPIs are taken into account, the implementation can take up to one month

As input data we use your sales data and so called secondary data. Secondary data are for example weather, holidays or individual events that have an influence on your demand. We identify these data at the beginning with you and include them in Predictwiser

For start-ups, we take a value-based approach. Our price is linked to the associated potential savings

Our approach is always the same, after signing a NDA, we import your sales data into our system and analyse the performance of our algorithm. After that you can use the tool for free for one month and convince yourself of its benefits

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